Cheesecake Dessert Mixes by Judecraft Specialty Foods

Gourmet Dessert Mixes For No Bake Cheesecake pies, Cake Icing and more

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Recipe Page:

We have created several outstanding dessert mix recipes over the course of time to provide our customers with wonderful and tasty dessert ideas.   We are always advised at the events we sell at that our dessert mixes are the best tasting. The basic three recipes that are shown on each package label is as follows:

TO MAKE A CHEESECAKE: Dissolve package with 1/4 cup water. Mix in 8 oz.  softened cream cheese until smooth. Fold in 8 oz. whipped topping  ( cool whip or other) with a spatula. Pour in pie shell. Refrigerate at least 2 hours.

TO MAKE A FROSTING OR FILLING: Mix 8 oz. softened cream cheese, 8 oz. whipped topping (cool whip or other)  and 1 package of dessert mix in a large bowl with a hand mixer. Fill Filo shells or Angel Food dessert shells, cannoli or cream puffs. Use to dip with fruit, sweet crackers, Grahams or cookies. Frost cake, muffins, cupcakes. May Be frozen for use  a later time.   

TO MAKE A CHEESEBALL: Mix package with 16 oz. softened cream cheese. Refrigerate until firm and form a ball. Roll in crushed nuts or whatever you prefer. Use as flavoring for cottage cheese, plain /frozen yogurt, shakes and ice cream.

We will supply additional recipes once our flavors are ordered.

The weight of each package is 60g